Mobile App Development

Have a revolutionary idea in your mind? Let’s get to WORK !

Tech Kunja helps you realize your idea into a world class mobile app. We are passionate, creative and have experience developing products as entrepreneurs. We shape apps specific to your ideas, whether in entertainment or business fronts.

Android App

One of the most popular operating systems on mobile is Android. We here at Tech Kunja, ensure that your android app will enable users to interact with utmost reliability and flexibility. We provide you the custom solutions for your android apps that run smoothly on all types of major Android devices and versions.

iOS App

We here at Tech Kunja specialize in creating end-to-end custom made mobile solutions using latest iOS SDKs for iPhone and iPad mobile devices.

How We Work?

Define the strategy

We completely understand how important your vision is to you. Before any app developments, first we listen to your idea, understand your goals and how you want the app to be in achieving those goals. We work co-operatively to define and develop strategies for each section of mobile app development process.

UI/UX Design

Attractive design is one of the key elements of any mobile apps. We prototype the designs, draw the wireframes and map the user experience(UX).


After the strategies and designs defined, we move on to the next step: App Development. Our android and ios developers now start building up your idea into a world class app. We manage all the backend processes, logics neccessary for your app. We divide the task into modules and test each modules before they are ready for delivery.


After all the tasks are completed, we will publish it into the app stores for you.

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