About us

We are a team of people who love to learn, collaborate and create. We truly believe in transformative power of learning, creativity and innovation and their ability to make a change in society and inspire people. Good ideas and solutions come from collaboration. Whether you believe you can add something to our team, or you want to collaborate on a new project, remember us. We are very excited to learn about you and make something beautiful together.

Core Team

An Awesome Team Behind an Awesome Company

Sagar Aryal

Co-Founder, Software Engineer


Sagar Adhikari

Co-Founder, Software Engineer


Samip Subedi

Co-Founder, System Designer


Sabbiu Shah

Co-founder, Software Engineer


Prabin Bhandari

Co Founder, Software Engineer


Designers & Developers

Masterminds behind our awesome projects

Shishir Subedi

Software Engineer

Software Engineer @ Tech Kunja

Anamol Rajbhandari

UX Designer

UX/UI, Design, Animation and Strategy.

Binisha Maharjan

Software Engineer

React developer at Tech Kunja.

Nirmal Banstola

Software Engineer

ReactJS and React Native developer at Tech Kunja.

Rohin Awale

Software Engineer

I'm Rohin Awale. I'm a backend developer who loves to code. I spent most of my time experimenting with Python and JavaScript. I'm curious, and I enjoy work that challenges me to learn something new and stretch in a different direction.


Future Stars shaped by Tech Kunja

Nitesh Pantha

backend internship

Fullstack Python Developer(Django-Framework) Studing BScCSIT at Swastik College.

Sabin Bhattarai

Backend Intern

Currently Bsc.CSIT student .

Shruti Bhattarai

Back-end Intern

3rd year Computer Engineering student. Learner. Believer. Heading to add 'Achiever'

Shobhit Acharya

front end internship

Front end developer.

Sudeep Bhandari

Front-End Intern

Writer of code, Lover of Tech and Mathematics.

Manish Dhakal

Frontend Intern

Fascinated by AI | Space | Time | Cosmos | History | Wildlife

Ayam Sharma


Computer Engineering undergrad student (4th Year) at Pulchowk Engineering Campus.

Sandip Neupane


BSc CSIT student

Bishal Karki


Computer Engineering undergrad student (4th year) at Pulchowk Engineering Campus

Sumin Bhuju

Front-End Intern

Hi, this is Sumin Bhuju.

Silica Koirala

Front-End Intern

Just a girl next door who's into coding. Studying computer engineering. Loves singing. And is a dog person.

Sabin Sharma

Backend Intern

Electronics and communication engineering student & back-end intern at Tech kunja.

Ranjan Shrestha

Backend Intern

Currently pursuing Engineering at Pulchowk Campus. Just a curious learner and listener. Whatever be the language, let's solve the problem and innovate the society with technology.

Pradeep Dahal


Computer Engineer. React Intern at Tech Kunja. I try to lean as much as I can.

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